Lee Yu Bi Started Acting Because She Didn’t Want to Go to School

Lee Yubi originally didn’t intend on becoming an actress.

On a recent episode of KBS’s Happy Together 4, Lee Yu Bi confessed that she originally didn’t intend on becoming an actress.

She explained that there was an audition being held for a sitcom called Vampire Idol and that she only went because she didn’t want to go to school.

Lee Yu Bi went on to add how her mother felt and currently feels about her acting career.

My mom really hated that I was going into the entertainment industry, but now, she gives me a lot of advise on acting as my superior.

– Lee Yu Bi

It was also revealed on a previous show that Lee Yu Bi’s mother, who is also an actress named Kyeon Mi Ri, invested in stocks that are now worth over 10 billion won (~$8.5 million USD).

Kyeon Mi Ri conveyed that she tried to talk Lee Yu Bi out of acting in hopes that she could finish school like a regular kid.

Lee Yu Bi debuted with Vampire Idol in 2011 and made a name for herself as an actress ever since.


Source: Insight
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