Leeteuk Exposes a Fan for Selling His Phone Number to Other People

“Is it that great to have my number?” – Leeteuk

On Super Junior Leeteuk‘s most recent Instagram Live broadcast, he brought up the issue of spreading his personal phone number and exposed a fan for selling it to other people.

He was taking some time to have a nice casual chat with fans when he suddenly brought up the issue.

Leeteuk pointed out a sasaeng and warned fans that it’s difficult to proceed with a life broadcast when calls keep coming in.

I’m getting a lot of calls right now because I haven’t done a live broadcast in a while. But if you guys keep calling, I can’t keep broadcasting.

– Leeteuk

He then made it clear that he knew who called and who didn’t because he’s not well-known for getting a lot of calls.

I’m famous for not getting a lot of calls, so if if you do it, I know who called me and who didn’t. If you keep calling like that, I have no choice but to block you.

– Leeteuk

Leeteuk also revealed that a fan informed him of someone who found ou this phone number and started selling it to other people.

Someone told me there’s a fan going around selling my phone number. Is it that great to have my number?

– Leeteuk

Following his warning toward fans, Leeteuk said goodbye and told everyone to go to bed.

Everyone, I’m going to get changed and go work out now. If you’re tired, go to bed. See you.

– Leeteuk

Leeteuk is currently promoting Super Junior’s recent album, TIMELESS, which was released late last month.

Source: Dispatch

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