Cute Little Boy From “Where Are You Going, Dad?” Has Become A YouTube Chef

He’s grown so much!

Actor Ryu Jin‘s son, Lim Chan Ho, who received much love from his appearance on Where Are You Going, Dad? Season 2 has recently transformed into a YouTube chef!

Lim Chan Ho was greatly adored by viewers when he appeared on the program as a toddler.


Years later, he has returned to the public’s eye as a YouTube star!


Lim Chan Ho, who says his dream is to become a chef one day, has opened a YouTube channel called “Chanbro TV” where he uploads cooking videos.


In these videos, he goes to the market to gather all the ingredients…


And shows the entire process of making each dish in the kitchen!


And while he has grown a lot since his days on Dad, Where Are You Going?…


He still has the same good looks!


Check out his latest video below:

Source: Dispatch