“Bought 8 Extra Phones For Streaming…” — Here’s How Far Ahjumma Fans Go For Lim Young Woong

Would you do this for your bias?

Everyone knows just how crazy Lim Young Woong‘s fans are. After all, he’s one of the only ones who can contest BTS in terms of local popularity in South Korea! No wonder all fandoms pray to avoid their biases’ comebacks being in the same time frame as a release of his.

Ever wondered if ahjumma fans differ from the younger generation of K-Pop fans? Ashley Starhitch Farm on TikTok has a Korean mother-in-law who is a passionate fan of Lim Young Woong. She finds that her mother-in-law’s entire house is pretty much decorated just for him. Here’s what she does as a fan of the trot King.

Of course, decorating the house with photographs is a basic part of being a fangirl. Ashley’s mother-in-law has frames…


…even fold-outs.

Her fridge is not spared from Lim Young Woong’s pictures. Even her own son isn’t on the fridge.

She also paints various paintings for Lim Young Woong. This is one based on his song.

She also has a painted rock saying, “Hero, you are our rock.”

The most intense part? Ashley’s mother-in-law bought 8 extra phones to help stream his videos and songs. As most streaming platforms have user and device limitations, this is how she gets by it. She also streams the content throughout the day. Ashley’s mother-in-law has also changed her sleep schedule to participate in voting.

Last but not least, she makes her household use various products that Lim Young Woong endorses. This is to raise sales to help him gain more endorsement contracts. They’ve changed their shampoo and soy sauce brands so far.

Some pretty intense work for a fangirl! Watch the full video below.