Here’s A List of “Everything The Son Has Been Through So Far” In “The World of The Married”… And It’s Absolute Chaos

“No wonder he hates life so much…”

After the shocking events of Episode 13 of The World of The Married, viewers have never felt more sorry for the son Lee Joon Young (played by actor Jeon Jin Seo)…

Actor Jeon Jin Seo as Lee Joon Young in “The World of The Married”

… especially since putting together this “List of Everything Joon Young-ie Has Seen So Far”.

Keep in mind that in the beginning of it all, Joon Young used to see his parents be “kissy-touchy” in front of him. Though he didn’t “hate his parents being in love“, he did grunt at it — as would some boys his age.

Then he witnessed all of that fall apart when his father locked lips with a young woman at the birthday party. He accidentally caught the cheating on camera — which later makes him grow regretful that he left proof of the adultery for his mother to find.

Joon Young also experienced the most threatening day of his life when his mother drove him off to the middle of nowhere — enraged by the fact that his father may try to push for full custody from the divorce. At the end of this fast and furious race…

… he then had the most emotionally draining and violent talk about how his own mother has always put work before him.

If you leave me to go live with your father, I will die. Are you still going to go? Answer me. Answer me right now!

— Ji Sun Woo (played by actress Kim Hee Ae)

Only to wrap up this tension-filled day, Joon Young had to walk in on his father nearly killing his mother.

Poor Joon Young also didn’t like seeing his therapist and his mother spending too much time together. He didn’t feel ready to see his mother move on so quickly — at least not with the one person to whom he could spare his secrets.

Throughout the chaos, Joon Young lost his best friend, Hae Kang, as well. Once malicious rumors about his mother began spreading around the school, Joon Young blamed Hae Kang for being a lying backstabber and their friendship shattered.

Once he began living with his father’s new family, Joon Young couldn’t help but feel like he didn’t belong. When he overheard the step-mom Yeo Da Kyung (played by actress Han So Hee) and his father argue over whether he needs to be sent overseas to study abroad, he realized he had never really been welcomed in this new home.

Eventually, when he came back to his mother’s home to find solace, Joon Young ended up seeing her having sex with his remarried father. The young son couldn’t wrap his head around why his parents drove their marriage off a cliff — only to reunite this way behind his back.

While at first, the viewers grew baffled by this puberty-stricken teen’s delinquent behavior, they have finally come to “understand why he is acting out“.

  • “With each episode, you can see that there is no one on Joon Young’s side. He doesn’t have any one looking after him. The mother, the father, and even the mistress only try to use Joon Young for their advantage. He’s alone in this.”
  • “It’s not that Joon Young comes from a divorced family that he became so troubled. Look at what he endured since he was in 6th grade. No wonder he’s being the way he is. The fact that he keeps living in the city where everything happened is wrong.”
  • “He walked into his parents having sex, after shattering his life with their insane divorce. What son would be able to endure that? He probably feels like his life was sacrificed. But his parents can’t get a grip? Imagine the betrayal he’d feel.”
  • “How much more can Joon Young understand…? He’s a kid. And he’s being told all kinds of violent things. His mother threatened to die without him. That’s abuse. He doesn’t have to understand anyone and anything!”
  • “And to think he resorted to stealing things to let off all that steam… His parents better be glad he’s not off doing drugs or joining gangs and shooting guns. Okay? He’s a good boy, no matter how bad he seems.”

In fact, some viewers who initially “hated on Joon Young for being a terrible son” have apologized for not seeing how difficult it must have been from his point of view.

  • “Why did we ever want him to be normal and good… It would not have made sense. I’m so sorry Joon Young-ah.”
  • “At first, I didn’t like him because he kept siding with his cheating dad… but wow. How the table has turned.”
  • “Joon Young, I’m sorry I kept calling you names in the beginning…”
  • “I didn’t understand his character at all in the beginning… but now I do. He’s surrounded by crazy people. Poor kid. I feel so sorry for him.”
  • “It’s no wonder he hates his life so much. I would too. Sorry Joon Young…”

Will Joon Young-ie be able to find peace at the end of this all? Stay tuned for the final three episodes of The World of The Married to find out.

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Source: THEQOO