“I Live Alone” Hosts Under Fire For “Being Rude” To Comedian Kim Min Kyung

“Why bring Kim Min Kyung into this at all…?”

In the April 10, 2020 episode of I Live Alone, the show hosts took turns on the lie detector toy. When Kian84‘s turn came…

… comedian Park Na Rae asked, “Do you really not know who Kim Min Kyung is?”

Park Na Rae brought up her fellow comedian Kim Min Kyung because in the previous episode, she offered to set Kian84 up with one of her comedian friends.

I have a lot of comedian friends who are single… Like Kim Min Kyung. She’s a good person and all… She’s really strong.

— Park Na Rae

When Kim Min Kyung’s name came up, Kian84 said he doesn’t know who she is — and Park Na Rae grew suspicious that Kian84 might be turning her down.

Following Park Na Rae’s question, the other hosts cracked up at Kian84’s nervousness. The lie detector toy soon zapped Kian84 after he answered he really doesn’t know Kim Min Kyung.

The hosts teased Kian84 and insisted that he knew who Kim Min Kyung was but didn’t want to be set up with her.

After the episode aired, viewers complained that the entire conversation made them uncomfortable.

  • “Why bring Kim Min Kyung into this at all…? What’s their problem?”
  • “This entire conversation would have been offensive AF even if it was done off the camera. So… for this to go live on TV? To show them laugh at their little joke at the cost of Kim Min Kyung? They deserve to be criticized.”
  • “Shows how stupid they all are.”
  • “Can they please learn to be professional…? It looks as if they think they’re out drinking in a bar by themselves or something. This is on TV, you guys.”
  • “I hate people who are like that… People who talk behind everyone’s backs.”
  • “I knew this would become problematic. Why didn’t the producers edit this part out? It feels like I Live Alone is always asking for trouble.”

Kim Min Kyung’s fans pointed out the “rudeness” of the hosts — especially Park Na Rae — for “talking about someone who isn’t on set.”

I’m Kim Min Kyung’s fan and I’m offended. Who do you all think you are to be talking about Kim Min Kyung behind her back like this? And to say things like ‘she’s a good person on the inside‘ or whatever? So what, she’s not good on the outside then? What makes any of you any better than Kim Min Kyung then? Talk about bullying. I can tell that you all think you’re somewhat better than Kim Min Kyung. No wonder you all get along so well — It’s because you all have no respect.

— Kim Min Kyung’s Fan

The hosts are yet to respond to the criticism, but disappointed viewers are claiming to stop watching the show for its growing offensiveness.

Watch the full clip here:

Source: Wikitree and THEQOO