Netizens Are Confused AF About Which OG Visual Goddess It Is In This GIF — Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Or Krystal Jung

Take your guess!

With masks being commonplace nowadays, it’s getting harder to tell who’s who. Remember when ONCEs were confused as to which TWICE member this was?

While it ended up being Momo, many had thought it was Nayeon initially. Now, here’s a challenge for those familiar with the 2nd generation of female idols. Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA and Krystal Jung (of f(x) fame) have always been known to look alike, even in their rookie days. Here’s a comparison of photos taken when they were fresh-faced teens.

| OneHallyu

They looked so alike that people often called them twins or sisters. A fan even made a mashup of their faces. Look how perfectly it aligns! While Krystal has slightly thicker lips and a more angular jaw, YoonA has her eyes closer to her brows, a lifted jaw, and lips.

Krystal on the left and YoonA on the right. | Mianhaeyo/Deviantart

Even as years pass, the two still look very much alike. During a recent event for Miu Miu in 2022, a long-haired goddess in a white mask was captured on camera. Fans were confused as to if it was YoonA or Krystal. Take your guess now!

Later, when she removed her mask at the photo wall, it was revealed to be YoonA. Unsurprising, given that she’s one of their local ambassadors.

Even so, it’s fascinating to see that the two still look similar as adults. It seems like most netizens thought that it was Krystal!

Netizens’ guesses. | theqoo
  • “Huh, they don’t look alike, and I thought 100% that it was Krystal.”
  • “Wow, I thought it was Krystal.”
  • “Wow, I thought it was Krys *trembles*.”
  • “It’s YoonA! LOL”
  • “I didn’t know who it was, but from the Miu Miu clothes, I knew it was YoonA.”
  • “Huuuuh, I thought it was Krys for sure.”

Did you get it right? The two have more than their looks in common! They have since stepped away from their careers as idols and moved into acting. While YoonA remains with SM Entertainment, Krystal has since contracted with a company set up by her previous manager.

Source: theqoo