LOONA’s Choerry Reveals The Adorable Dancing Habit They All Had As Trainees

They’re so cute!

LOONA joined My Music Taste to play a game of “Never Have I Ever” ahead of their comeback to share some fun anecdotes for Orbits!

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One of the questions they received was “Never have I ever danced in front of a mirror,” which instantly caused a commotion amongst all 12 girls as they all said they have.

Choerry: This is expected!

Gowon: You have to have done this, no?

Choerry: If you haven’t, that’s bad.

All the girls raised their hands, saying they have indeed danced in front of a mirror. Heejin and Chuu however, took it one step further.

This then reminded Choerry of a little dance habit they all had as trainees!

Heejin gave a quick little demonstration, and we can’t get enough of how cute it was! LOONA’s energy and love for dancing was clear even from their trainee days.

Source: Feature Image (1) and (2) and My Music Taste


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