LOONA’s Choerry Wanted To Erase One Dark Past Moment Forever But Her Members Wouldn’t Let Her

They thought it was too cute to forget!

We’ve all got one or two memories that cause us some serious embarrassment, even LOONA‘s Choerry. During a recent TMI session, Choerry revealed a dark past moment she would love to leave far, far in the past but unfortunately for her, her members weren’t anywhere ready to let that happen!

Taking a slip of paper from the cup of random TMI questions, Choerry kicked off their session by revealing her TMI topic was all about the wish to erase a dark past moment.

The moment Choerry read her topic aloud, she immediately had one moment come to mind…and so did her members! In fact, Gowon and Kim Lip were so sure they knew exactly which moment Choerry was thinking about. And  Choerry quickly revealed that they were 100% correct!

Gowon: The eyes, bright shining face…

Kim Lip: S body line

Although her members clearly knew the moment Choerry was thinking of, Yves urged Choerry to divulge a little bit more about the childhood memory…you know, for fans!

There could be some fans who don’t know it, so please explain first.

— Yves

After a little bit of coaxing from her members, Choerry began reliving the moment.  As Choerry explained that this particular dark past memory took place back when she was in 2nd grade and appeared on a program called Perfect Partner, she revealed that it wasn’t so much that the moment was embarrassing then, but it definitely was now!

When I was in second grade or so I appeared in a program called Perfect Partner. And I was… I did the choreography of ‘Saturday Night’ and there were some lines. I was so little that it was cute but when I look back on it now, I can’t believe I said those lines.

— Choerry

While Choerry might have found the clip embarrassing, her members completely disagreed! They thought the moment was absolutely adorable and weren’t ready to let her erase that moment from her memory. In fact, they even pleaded with her to do a 2020 version of it!

It’s hard to find that video!

— Yves

And with all the love, Choerry even complied with their request and left her members cheering with her 2020 Perfect Partner performance!

Looks like LOONA is going to make sure that extra cute moment will stick around for a long time! Watch some serious cuteness unfold below: