LOONA’s Chuu Couldn’t Hold Back Her Tears After Receiving A Birthday Surprise

Chuu surprised herself with her own tears!

LOONA‘s Chuu even surprised herself with how emotional she got in the latest episode of Chuu Can Do It!

Chuu from LOONA. | @loonatheworld/Twitter

In the episode, Chuu was joined by Heejin and Hyunjin for a camping trip. The members shared some touching words about each other and their friendship when suddenly Hyunjin asked if she could go use the restroom.

Heejin, Chuu, and Hyunjin. | Chuu Can Do It/YouTube 

Chuu and Heejin thought nothing of it and laughed at how she concluded their sweet conversation with a sudden bathroom break!

| Chuu Can Do It/YouTube 

But they were both shocked when Hyunjin came back with a birthday cake and started singing “Happy Birthday!” Chuu was already emotional from the kind words they were saying earlier, but as soon as Hyunjin came out she let the tears fall!

| Chuu Can Do It/YouTube 

When Hyunjin asked why she was crying, Chuu had no idea either: “Why am I crying…

| Chuu Can Do It/YouTube 

That wasn’t the end though! The show’s staff prepared a present for the two of them that had Chuu crying even more: adorable sticker sheets, pajamas, and a cute card!

| Chuu Can Do It/YouTube 

It was an emotional moment for Chuu, but luckily she had Heejin and Hyunjin by her side to keep the mood light and joke around. And the Chuu Can Do It staff always take great care of their Chuu! Read more about their sweet relationship below.

LOONA’s Chuu Tears Up After Staff Surprise Her With A Day Of Luxury

And check out the latest episode of Chuu Can Do It!

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