LOONA’s Chuu Gets Triggered When Billlie’s Tsuki Says She Hates Being Tall

She couldn’t hide her frustration at all.

In the latest episode of Chuu Can Do It, LOONA‘s Chuu was joined by Billlie‘s Tsuki in her quest to learn more about how to preserve the environment.

Chuu and Tsuki on Chuu Can Do It | 지켜츄 Chuu Can Do It/YouTube

The girls were tasked with picking ripe organic pears! The owner of the farm, Kim Sang Ki, guided them through the process.

Unfortunately for Chuu, she was just short of reaching some of the pears on the higher branches, so she had to settle for the ones closer to the ground.

Tsuki, on the other hand, became so skilled at picking the fruit she didn’t even need to look while she pulled them down!

Chuu was jealous of Tsuki’s height, but Tsuki insisted that she didn’t like being tall.

The look on Chuu’s face says it all. As someone who wished for just a few more centimeters of height, she couldn’t believe what Tsuki had said!

The girls later enjoyed their reward by eating the delicious pears they pulled down. They even received a box full of fruit to take home to their families and members.

Watch the full episode of Chuu Can Do It with LOONA’s Chuu and Billlie’s Tsuki below! Tsuki talks about how she doesn’t like being tall at the 4:14 mark.


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