LOONA’s Chuu Shows Off The “PG-Rated” Twerking She Learned From “Street Woman Fighter” Crew HolyBang, And Her Members Can’t Handle It

“Chuu-werking is something only she can master.”

LOONA‘s Chuu busted some adorable moves on the latest episode of Weekly Idol, and no one was more enthusiastic about it than her own members.

LOONA’s Chuu | @weeklyidol_/Twitter

Earlier this year, Chuu had some special guests on her YouTube channel, Chuu Can Do It, whom she ended up learning a lot from. Dance crew HolyBang, which placed first in Mnet‘s Street Woman Fighter, were completely charmed by her, with leader Honey J even hilariously stating straight away that she was ready to adopt her.

| 지켜츄 Chuu Can Do It/YouTube 

Even when Chuu tried to take their advice on being sexy, she still couldn’t help being cute!

Yet, one part fans found particularly memorable was when HolyBang tried to teach Chuu how to twerk…giving her somewhat of a culture shock.

The results were golden, of course.

So seeing as Chuu had gotten to learn from the masters themselves, it was inevitable that her “Chuu-werking” would be requested on Weekly Idol.

| 1stonkpop/YouTube 

As soon as she got started, her members couldn’t help but squeal in delight…with the show’s captions hilariously stating, “This twerking is rated PG.”

Chuu quickly had all her members up and ready to join in…

And she was adorably dynamic until the very end. In fact, her members couldn’t stop gushing about how cute the performance had been!

Hosts Kwang Hee and Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk admitted that “Chuu-werking” was something only Chuu could master, while Yeonjin pointed out that she had reminded her of a Welsh Corgi with the way she twerked.

While Chuu’s twerking wasn’t exactly what HolyBang showed her, she’s definitely made “Chuu-werking” her own thing! And just as she had HolyBang charmed with her cuteness, she also had her own members totally gushing over her!

Watch the full clip on from Weekly Idol right here…

And watch the full episode on Chuu’s YouTube channel on the link below.