Here Are The Final Rankings For The “Street Woman Fighter” Crews

Congratulations to the winning crew!

Street Woman Fighter has finally reached an end and has crowned South Korea’s Best Female Dance Crew. Here’s all eight teams’ final ranking for the competition.


Led by NOZE, WAYB was, unfortunately, the first team to leave the competition but not before leaving their viral mark. NOZE’s iconic “Hey Mama” choreography has become a viral sensation, even earning it an encore performance during the show’s finale.

WAYB | @mnet_dance


Hyojin Choi led this crew of impressive dancers from 1Million Dance Studio but could only make it to 7th place. WANT was notable for giving Former IZ*ONE‘s Lee Chaeyeon a chance to prove herself and let her fellow idol dancers show off their skills as well.

WANT | @mnet_dance


One of the show’s most shocking eliminations came when PROWDMON was eliminated in the semi-final without a chance to battle to stay in the competition. Led by Monika, PROWDMON impressed fans throughout their time on the show.

PROWDMON | @mnet_dance

5. YGX

YGX had a lot of hype to live up to as the crew came from the well-known company, YG Entertainment. Led by K-Pop choreographer Leejung Lee, YGX showed off their skills until the end, flexing their unique mix of K-Pop experience with street cred. Special recognition goes out to Yell, the show’s only B-girl.

YGX | @mnet_dance

4. CocaN Butter

CocaN Butter became an underdog early on. The crew not only frequently performed down a member due to the member’s nursing job but was also placed in the bottom for the first elimination. Under Rihey‘s leadership, the crew bounced back and made it to the finale, ultimately placing 4th. During the finale, the group performed with K-Pop legend CL.

CocaN Butter | @mnet_dance


Led by Gabee, LACHICA brought their sexy style and K-Pop choreography experience to the competition. During the show, the crew survived two elimination battles to make it to the final round. Frequent collaborator Chungha made an appearance during the finale to help her girls, but in the end, LACHICA took home third place.

LACHICA | @mnet_dance


HOOK became well known at first for leader Aiki‘s TikTok stardom but quickly became respected within the competition. With one of the most unique dynamics of teacher and students, HOOK stayed at the top of the competition until the very end, where, after a performance with K-Pop superstar Sunmi, the crew came in second place.

HOOK | @mnet_dance

1. HolyBang

The largest crew in the competition is HolyBang, led by Honey J. The crew made its mark on the show by sticking to their hip-hop spirit and even gained some famous fans like BTS‘s J-Hope. In the final round, rappers Simon Dominic and LOCO performed alongside the crew before delivering their final performance. With their impressive track record, it only makes sense that BoA would end up reading their name as the winner.

HolyBang | @mnet_dance

Congratulations to HolyBang and all the incredible women who showed their stuff throughout the season!

HolyBang | @mnet_dance