The Hardest Song For LOONA To Prepare For Their Latest Album Was Also A Complete Surprise

It wasn’t originally planned for their EP!

LOONA dropped their second EP, “[#]” on February 5, 2020. With 6 amazing tracks plus a hidden song on the physical album, Arirang K-Pop‘s Pops in Seoul wanted to know a little bit more about their comeback in a recent interview with LOONA.

While LOONA discussed everything from their “So What” dance challenge to the most difficult part of filming their MV, they also revealed which song was the hardest to prepare for their EP.

Starting off the discussion, Choerry picked their title track as the hardest to prepare for. What made preparation for the track so hard was the fact that each of the members had to receive individual lessons for it!

Because of the genre of our title track, we received individual lessons. That’s how much effort we put in.

— Choerry

While LOONA were in complete agreement that the individual lessons definitely made the prep work that much harder, Kim Lip soon offered up a completely different track that everyone couldn’t help agreeing with too. According to her, the most challenging was definitely their hidden track!

There’s also a hidden track that’s only on the album. That track was actually changed!

— Kim Lip

The problem with the hidden track was that it had actually been changed right before the EP was supposed to drop which meant that LOONA had to do all the preparation and recording extremely fast!

No one knows. We’re only revealing this here. We had to record really fast and all of us had to hurry. It’s such a great song that we hope all of you listen to it on the album!

— Kim Lip

Although the song was a complete surprise and as a result, ended up being their hardest to prepare for, LOONA loved the end result and hope fans love it just as much as they do! Find out more about all the challenges LOONA faced while preparing their latest album and more below: