LOONA’s Heejin Flexed Hard By Doing A 7-Minute Plank — And Made The Rest Of Us Feel Weak AF

And she made it look like the easiest thing in the world:

Planks may look easy at first glance, but anyone who’s done them before will know that that is pure deception. Keeping proper form throughout the exercise is tough and requires a lot of core strength. LOONA‘s Heejin, however, makes planks look like the easiest thing in the world.

During the tenth episode of LOONA LOG, Heejin introduced Orbit to her workout routine. Starting off with planks, Heejin rolled out her mat…and set a timer for 5 minutes!

Now, on average, a fit person can hold a plank with proper form for about 2 minutes which means that Heejin more than doubled the average time! That, however, was only the beginning!

As soon as her timer went off, Heejin pulled an even bigger flex as she immediately added 2 more minutes to her time resulting in a 7-minute long plank!

And to top it off, Heejin jumped straight into the rest of her core intensive workout which featured side planks, mountain climbers, leg raises, plank hip dips, and more.

With the big core strength flex, Heejin and her plank became a hot topic with everyone marveling at her incredible strength…and feeling super weak too!

On the other hand, seeing Heejin easily complete the full 7 minutes, many fans are now challenging themselves to do it as well.

Considering the average time is 2 minutes, we’re convinced Heejin has a core of steel! Experience her intense 7-minute plank, workout, and more in the vlog below: