JinSoul, Hyunjin, And Yeojin Already Have Plans For LOONA’s Next Dance Cover And It Involves Their Own Songs

They already have some ideas about their next cover:

Besides always impressing with their own choreography, LOONA have dropped some of the most spectacular dance covers around! They’ve flawlessly covered everything from BTS‘s “Fire” to Sunmi‘s “Full Moon”…

And recently, Hyunjin, JinSoul, and Yeojin revealed who they would love to cover next — their fellow LOONA members!

Image: JinSoul’s “Singing in the Rain”/YouTube 

In a Q&A interview with UPCLOSE, JinSoul, Yeojin, and Hyunjin were asked if there were any songs they would like to cover in the future.

No sooner had the question been posed than JinSoul dove right into the topic, revealing that she would love to sing a cover of some of the songs she remembers listening to during her school days.

Taking a trip down memory lane, I would like to sing cover songs that I used to listen to while I was in school.

— JinSoul

While JinSoul may have been thinking of vocal covers, Yeojin’s thoughts immediately went to dance covers. And since they’d already released covers of other group’s choreographies, Yeojin revealed that she thought it would be interesting to do covers of her members’ songs!

I think we did dance covers of many idols so I want to do cover songs of our members because it’s kind of something new.

— Yeojin

As Hyunjin and JinSoul agreed with Yeojin’s suggestion, Hyujin suggested the first cover she would love to do was none other than JinSoul’s “Singing in the Rain”!

I want to do a cover of JinSoul’s solo song ‘Singing in the Rain’ because there are many key point dance moves. Also, the song is so nice!

— Hyunjin

But no matter what song they decide to cover, LOONA’s next dance cover is sure to be absolutely amazing!