LOONA’s JinSoul Revealed The 2 Activities She Really Wants To Do With ORBIT And They’re Pure Perfection

Her ideas are so good, Chuu was beyond excited at the thought of them:

While LOONA and ORBIT both have lists of things they would love to do with each other, JinSoul recently revealed the top 2 activities she wants to do with fans. These activities were so perfect that even her members were excited at the thought of them!

Image: @loonatheworld/Instagram

During a recent TMI session, JinSoul was asked if there was anything that she really wanted to do with ORBIT.

With a big smile that said it all, JinSoul paused for a brief second to think about all the amazing things she could do with ORBIT before announcing the first item up on her list — concerts! Her first activity immediately had her members all fired up, especially Chuu who immediately voiced her agreement.

JinSoul: First, I want to do more concerts to have fun with them.

Chuu: I agree!

Besides meeting fans through concerts, JinSoul had another amazing idea up her sleeve! She revealed that she would absolutely love to do a signing event in full costume!

I want to do a signing event in costumes.

— JinSoul

Once again, JinSoul’s answer had her members feeling pretty excited at the thought. As Chuu excitedly asked for more info, JinSoul explained that she would love to dress up as a character that would allow her to completely transform into someone or something else like a character from Avatar, Judy from Disney‘s Zootopia

I’d love to change my skin color for it. I wanted to dress like an Avatar. I also want to do Judy!

— JinSoul

Or her adorable Frozen 2 lookalike, Bruni!

And I also want to do Bruni because people say I look like it.

— JinSoul

Considering the cuteness of JinSoul in a Judy hat and simply posing with a Bruni plush, we definitely need this to happen stat…

And we’re not the only ones! With LOONA showing some major excitement over JinSoul’s ideas it definitely looks like they’re as ready as we are for some LOONA and ORBIT fun!