LOONA’s Olivia Hye Revealed The Most Difficult Part Of Filming “So What” And Her Members Agreed 200%

They were in complete agreement:

LOONA‘s “So What” is the perfect blend of girl crush and power. As such, their MV is a cinematic masterpiece that not only highlights their pure intensity but also their flawless vocals, rapping, and dance skills. But all that high-power and energy they gave fans wasn’t exactly easy as Olivia Hye recently revealed!

Sitting down in a recent interview on Arirang K-Pop‘s Pops in Seoul, LOONA opened up about their latest hit, their comeback theme, their new dance challenge, and more.  As they dove deep into the topic, LOONA was asked if they had any specific difficulties while filming their MV.

With zero hesitation, Olivia Hye jumped right in and revealed that there was one particular thing that was really hard on all of the members…how hot it was during their choreography scenes. And as soon as she mentioned that extreme heat they had dealt with, her members immediately agreed with her!

It was really hot during the choreography scenes. It was so, so hot. Some members had long outfits and had short ones, but we were all so hot.

— Olivia Hye

Although all of the members had worn different styles of clothing, they were all feeling the heat so much so, that they even carried around two fans, kept a wet towel around their neck, and were all about the ice water during these scenes!

We drank a lot of ice water, carried around two fans each, and had wet towels around our necks.

— Olivia Hye

Although LOONA may have had to employ some extra measures to keep cool, they were in complete agreement that it was all worth it to show fans a fresh and powerful MV.

Fortunately, the music video captured the freshness well.

— Olivia Hye

There’s no doubt that LOONA definitely blessed us all more awesome music. Take a look at the most challenging part of their “So What” filming in their MV and check out what else they revealed about their filming and concept below: