LOONA’s Yves Surprises Fans By Pretending To Be Millie Bobby Brown

Fans love Yves’ sense of humor!

LOONA‘s Yves recently went viral for her private message antics with fans through the messaging app “Fab”, which is similar to Weverse or Universe. In this app, you can private message any chosen member or multiple members of LOONA.

LOONA | @loonatheworld/Twitter

Yves made fans laugh by expressing her love for the actress Millie Bobby Brown, best known for her work in Stranger Things. This started when she mentioned to fans that she watched Enola Holmes, another popular series starring Millie Bobby Brown. Fans promptly started sending Yves a photo of Millie Bobby Brown holding a LOONA photocard, which Yves was ecstatic about!

Soon following this, Yves started requesting fans edit her own photocard over the photocard of fellow LOONA member, Jinsoul! Fans were quick to respond to her request, and soon, Yves made the edit her Fab profile picture.

Then, Yves messaged with fans and even pretended to be Millie Bobby Brown herself, which made both the fans and Yves laugh!

Orbits absolutely got a kick out of this random interaction!


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