Lovelyz’s Jisoo Makes Scary Revelation That She Was Followed by a Man on Her Way to a Pilates Class

Jisoo was taking a bus when a man kept transferring with her.

On a recent live broadcast celebrating the new year, Lovelyz‘s Jisoo worried fans with the scary revelation that she was once followed by a man who claimed to be her fan on her way to a pilates class.

Jisoo first explained that most of the Lovelyz members took public transportation.

She then went on to share that when she was on a bus to a pilates class near Itaewon, she noticed a man that kept transferring with her.

According to Jisoo, the man kept sitting next to her and staring at her as well.

When he later told her that he was a fan, Jisoo was unable to do anything despite being scared.

He said he was my fan. I didn’t know what to do.

– Jisoo

Jisoo finally built up the courage to ask the man where he was going to which he hesitated.

He stuttered and couldn’t answer my question.

– Jisoo

Luckily, Jisoo met up with a friend afterwards and everything was okay, but she earnestly asked fans to not cross the line by following them.

I’m thankful that you’re our fans and you shower us with lots of love… but please don’t do that.

– Jisoo

This revelation is gaining particular attention due to TWICE‘s Nayeon recently being stalked by a fan who even followed her on to a plane.

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Source: @LinusGG_