Girl Group Member Revealed to Be so Patient That She’s Never Gotten Angry in Her 7 Years as an Idol

She explained why she doesn’t get angry.

On a recent episode of Mnet’s Studio Music Hall, Lovelyz members, BabySoul, Kei, and Ryu Sujeong appeared on the show to chat about various topics.

Among many interesting reveals, what drew the most attention was the members’ confession that Kei has never gotten angry ever since they debuted 7 years ago.

We’ve never seen Kei get angry during our 7 years together since our debut.

– Lovelyz

And in response, Kim Heechul joked that he could break that record himself.

I feel like I can make her mad if I wanted to.

– Heechul

But Kei surprised everyone with an unexpected response of why she doesn’t get angry.

I don’t have ill feelings. If I give it a good thought, nothing is worth getting angry over.

– Kei

Regarding Kei’s patient approach to life, fans are praising Kei’s big heart with comments such as “She looks like an angel, but she has a heart of gold, too“, “She has such a good personality“, and “You can have my heart“.

She really must be a true angel at heart.

Source: Insight