Berry Good’s Johyun Savagely Compares Lovelyz’s Mijoo to a Pair of Chopsticks in a Body Battle

They fought to see who has the better body.

On a recent episode of MBC’s Video Star, Lovelyz‘s Mijoo and Berry Good‘s Johyun faced off to see who had the better body.

When asked about Johyun’s past remark that she had a much better figure than Mijoo, Johyun showed off her stunningly curvy body for all to see.

But in response, one of the MC’s remarked,

But Mijoo has the number one body out of all idols.

– Park So Hyun

And Johyun agreed.

But what no one expected was the savage comeback that followed.

Of course, Unnie has a gorgeous body… But they’re like chopsticks.

– Johyun

She continued,

I even did a underwear shoot the other day.

– Johyun

In response, fans are showing mixed reactions such as “I don’t like that she praised herself while dissing someone else“, “Oh, no she didn’t!“, and “They’re probably acting like that because they’re that close“.


Check out the full clip below:

Source: Dispatch


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