Professional Magician Evaluates TXT’s Taehyun’s Magic Tricks

Taehyun also responded to what they said.

Shortly after TXT debuted, Taehyun would never pass up the opportunity to show off his magic tricks. Whether they were to amaze fans or his fellow members, he delivered a cool trick every time.

He even dedicated a live broadcast to teaching everyone and Hueningkai how to do card tricks effortlessly.

With his magic tricks being so well-known among MOAs, they wanted to see what a professional magician had to say about his skills.

Magician Choi Hyun Woo, who appeared on Radio Star to display his skills, heard their calls and decided to give his professional opinion. “Lots of fans asked me to pick this person. TXT’s Taehyun.”

As soon as Choi Hyun Woo dived into talking about Taehyun, he didn’t hesitate to mention how impressed he was with his skills. He had to post about it through his social media, “I posted on my Instagram story about him too, because I was so surprised!”

It was Taehyun’s technique that really caught his attention. It wasn’t that of a beginner, “His techniques. I think he did magic as a hobby for a long time. He performs lots of techniques that require lots of practice and time.”

Choi Hyun Woo even expressed that he was a bit jealous of Taehyun’s natural ability, “I’m also jealous! He sort of already knows how to do magic.” From what he’d seen, he could also guess how long Taehyun had been practicing, “I’d say he did magic for like six to seven years based on the level of his card magic techniques. At least six to seven years.”

Since Choi Hyun Woo could see how gifted Taehyun was in executing his magic tricks, he offered to teach him even more. He once again praised how talented his skills were, especially since it was only Taehyun’s hobby:

Kang Taehyun, do you want to learn magic for free? Contact me through our company…and I would love to teach you awesome magic. If you’re that good when you’re just doing it as a hobby, you should keep on doing it. It will be a good skill to have forever.

The clip didn’t go unnoticed by Taehyun. When a fan asked him about it on Weverse, he revealed that he’d actually seen the clip and explained how cool it was to be praised by a magician so skilled.

Even though Taehyun became an idol, his childhood wish isn’t too out of reach.

See Choi Hyun Woo approve of Taehyun’s magic tricks, to the latter’s delight.