Malaysian EXO-L Throws Brand New iPhone 11 On Stage For Suho During Their Concert

Rich fans!

During EXO‘s recent concert in Malaysia, an EXO-L decided to surprise their leader Suho with a brand new iPhone 11, in the box and all!

The idol was seen holding the box when he saw it and holding it up to his ear, pretending it was already out of the box. Upon closer inspection, fans were surprised to find that an EXO-L would not only give Suho a brand new phone but throw it on stage while they were performing! How boujee can K-Pop fans be?

Suho looked pleasantly surprised at the phone, and fans were happy to see the EXO-Ls way of giving tribute to their bias. Suho was then seen putting it on the side of the stage so it wouldn’t get lost or damaged.

What a rich and supportive fanbase!

Source: Pann


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