Male Idol Goes Live At 4AM Wearing A Woman’s Sleeveless Dress

We love his confidence!

A male K-Pop idol went live wearing a rather unique article of clothing.

On September 10 at 4AM, the first thing fans saw when they tuned in to the livestream of SF9‘s Hwiyoung was his usual handsome face and muscular body, the latter of which was covered up by a distinctly feminine dress.

He wore a dark nightgown with colorful teddy bears printed all over it. The K-Pop idol wasn’t shy to show it off, even giving a cute little twirl to the camera!

The reason for this unique outfit of choice was simple: comfort. Hwiyoung filmed the livestream in his older sister’s room after raiding her closet for something easy to wear.

You’re right. It’s my older sister’s dress. I picked whatever looked the most comfortable. Sigh. I don’t know where noona went…so I just raided her room. I’ve never seen this one before, though.

— Hwiyoung

Rather than being shy about donning something so feminine, he was completely cool about it. He said that he chose the dress over his father’s clothes in order to avoid disturbing him. Since he’s so close to his sister, it wasn’t something he thought twice about.

It’s kind of… it’s a nice outfit, I think? I chose from what I could find. And this looked the most comfortable. I didn’t want to go into my dad’s room to pick out clothes. And it’s not like I’m scared of my older sister. So I barged in and started looking. But all of her clothes are obviously small on me. Like, her shirts and shorts aren’t going to fit me. So I looked for whatever was the longest. And this dress was it. So I put it on. That’s all.

— Hwiyoung

Hwiyoung is known to have a tight knit relationship with his older sister. He even once shared that he has a tattoo of her birthday on his ankle while she has one of his.

The number ‘522’ is, indeed, my older sister’s birthdate. This might sound funny, but she has a tattoo of my birthdate on her ankle, too. So…

— Hwiyoung

He definitely worked that dress!

Source: Twitter