This Male Idol Was Recruited Solely For His Looks

It’s not surprising he was selected for his visuals.

SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu is said to have been recruited by Pledis Entertainment when he was in his 2nd year of middle school in 2011. A recruiter had apparently told him to come to the audition comfortably so that they can just see his face. Mingyu is said to have sung the national anthem and clap during his audition and he passed.


Judging by Mingyu’s past photos, it is not exactly surprising that he passed his audition so easily! His visuals stood out since he was just a little child.


In his 1st year of elementary school, his facial features began to become more prominent…


Then in his middle school graduation photo, he became a handsome young man! This is what Mingyu probably looked like at the time he was recruited by Pledis.


Here’s what Mingyu looked like in his high school graduation photo.


When Mingyu was 18 years old, he was a backup dancer for San E and Raina‘s “A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness”.


Even as a backup dancer he became famous for his good looks.


He was nicknamed “the midsummer night’s bench guy”.


And after his debut with SEVENTEEN, he still has the same stunning visuals!


And it turns out, he not only has the good looks but also incredible skills…


and even a beautiful heart!

Source: Pann Nate
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