This Male Idol Is Rising To The Top Of K-Pop’s RBF List For His Icy Prince Visual

Ice, ice, baby.

The “icy” face, or the cold face – often interchangeable with the American “RBF (Resting Bitch Face)” but of course implied in the most affectionate way, is a whole category on the visual spectrum of K-Pop stars. There are quite a few idols who have this look going for them, like Red Velvet‘s Irene and EXO‘s Sehun.

And quickly rising on the list of RBF K-Pop stars is Stray KidsHyunjin! Check out the charismatic face on this idol. He’s ready to make your heart stop!

While he has always been the center of attention since his debut days, for not only his talent but also his looks, Hyunjin is now being claimed as the brand new addition to the “Ice Prince” family.

Fans believe Hyunjin, along with other K-Pop stars who are identified as a part of this “icy” group, will most likely belong to the Slytherin House – if we all lived in the Harry Potter universe.

Hyunjin’s iconic monolid eyes and his clean cut facial features add to this freezing cold aura that he gives off…

… but like do most RBF stars in the K-Pop world, Hyunjin comes with a duality that is simply mesmerizing. Here’s the not-so-icy, defrosted Hyunjin:

Stray Kids

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