This Male K-Pop Group Broke Up Because Of A Gay Inter-Member Relationship

This is why you don’t date coworkers.

1st generation male idol group K’Pop debuted in January 2001 with five members – Donghwa, Jumin, Youngwon, Yoobin, and Woohyun.

Their debut song “Shadow”, from their self-titled album, was a hit and they gained “flower boy” status, releasing two more albums to relative success before disbanding in 2004.

Their last album, “Memories was released in September 2004, with the title track “Scent of Memory” making it into the top 10. While most groups disband due to creative differences or major public scandals, K’Pop reportedly disbanded because of complications stemming from a homosexual relationship between two members.

According to reports, two of the K’Pop members were in a romantic relationship, until one of the two cheated with a male idol from a different idol group. His partner discovered the infidelity and assaulted him. The infidelity and assault caused a rift between the members, and the group subsequently disbanded.

When Korean fans discovered the reason K’Pop disbanded, no one could believe it. To this day, nothing similar has occurred in the Korean entertainment industry.

Kim Bum Suk, aka Donghwa, returned to the entertainment industry in 2011 as an actor, citing “conflicts with the management company” as the official reason the group disbanded when asked.

In January 2018, the group returned for a guest appearance on Sugarman 2 with Yoo Jae Suk and Yoo Hee Yeol (also called Two Yoo Project), which brings back artists whose songs were once hits on major music charts. Their reunion showed that the cause of their disbandment is no longer an issue between them.

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