Male K-Pop Idols Reveal How Many Girlfriends They’ve Actually Had

“I have had tons of crushes too, there are as many as 3 per month.”

If you thought your favorite K-Pop idol was too busy with his/her hectic schedule to have a relationship, then you thought wrong.

On JTBC’s Perfect on Paper, Super Junior’s Shindong, Top model Joo Woo Jae and former Click-B’s Kim Sang Hyuk revealed how many girlfriends they have actually had.

Perfect on Paper is a couple matchmaking show that hosts one female guest and tries to match her up with the best male celebrity based solely on the preferences she provides on paper such as personal disposition, lifestyle, and values. In the end, the female guest gets to choose one celebrity to go on a date with, based on the results of the matchmaking process.

The guest of the day was Kim Sa Rang, former Miss Korea, who wanted to pick a man who had had at least 5 relationships because she values the wisdom that comes with having experience in dating. Vying to win her heart, the K-Pop idols and celebrities revealed how many times they had relationships.

“I have been in a relationship exactly 5 times, the longest was 2 years.”

— Joo Woo Jae

“I was in an official relationship 8 times. I have had tons of crushes too, there are as many as 3 per month, at times.”

— Kim Sang Hyuk

“I had more than 5 relationships. The longest one lasted about 5 and a half years, and no comment on whether I wanted to marry her or not.”

— Super Junior’s Shindong

All the above celebs revealed to have dated more than five relationships each, and these are some impressive numbers, given their busy schedules. No wonder 2018 is filled with celebrity dating rumors and gossips.

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Source: Korea Daily