A Hater Who Got Sued Pleads With Super Junior’s Heechul For Leniency

Double standards at its finest.

Super Junior‘s Heechul has always been vocal about his stance towards malicious comments, especially when it comes to defending his friends. He once praised IU for her swift and strict actions against such haters. With more companies stepping up to take legal actions against malicious comments, online communities are rife with people asking for help, as they have gotten a legal notice, or warning others of the consequences.

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A post on an online community surfaced, as someone had noticed that one of the people who had gotten charged, decided to take things up with Heechul via Instagram. The defendant had begged for leniency with the star, although the post ended up subtly taking jabs at Heechul yet again.

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The post criticizes Heechul for being merciless and inconsiderate towards the defendant’s family finances, and even emotionally threatens him towards the end. The defendant also tries to make a claim about celebrities and the way they should live.

Are you really going to live like this – suing the regular people with no power, while you live fine? When you are a celebrity??

— The defendant

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Netizens are outraged at the blasphemy, claiming that the defendant is lying about her circumstances to stir up pity. Others refreshingly shot back at malicious commenters, calling them out for double standards.

It has been pointed out that due to the high level of hate comments celebrities receive on the regular, only the serious ones end up being pursued. It was also previously explained by a company, that the suing process is rather tedious and long-drawn, another reason for be selective in their suits.

Heechul has yet to respond to the defendant. Read the full comment by the defendant translated here.

If you see this comment, please forgive me. It was really a mistake and I don’t have the ability to pay such a huge amount of money. Are you really going to live like this – suing the regular people with no power, while you live fine? When you are a celebrity?? You aren’t the Heechul from Super Junior that I thought you were. From some day on, you began to be greedy about money. If you are a celebrity, you can’t live like that! How can you be like this towards a fan? My parents don’t have money and we only have lots of debts. Please think about my family situation and cancel the lawsuit. I have conveyed this to you clearly. If you see this and do not say anything, you are basically killing a person. Please change your wrong choices now!

— The defendant.


Source: theqoo

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