MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Gave The Best Body-Positive Advice…And It Will Boost Your Confidence Instantly

EVERYONE needs to hear this.

One time during an online broadcast, MAMAMOO’s Hwasa gave member Wheein some body-positive words of advice that will totally change your perspective on body image.

Hwasa is known for her curvy figure that’s uncommon in the scene of K-Pop idols where the “standard” body type is very thin.

Wheein, however, has been vocal in the past about her struggles with dieting and confidence in such a harsh industry.

During an online broadcast, Wheein went on a tangent about losing her confidence after gaining weight and feeling uncomfortable in her skin.

I really gained a lot of weight … I probably weigh the most in MAMAMOO.

— Wheein

Specifically, she discussed how any clothes she would wear would make her feel bad about herself.

Hwasa couldn’t stand to see her best friend putting herself down like that, and dropped a truth bomb of advice!

Make the clothes fit you. Don’t let yourself fit the clothes.

— Hwasa

Hwasa’s words mean that the clothes you wear are just to enhance you and you shouldn’t define your life by trying to fit into a certain size or style. You can tell Hwasa lives by her own advice by being the confident and groundbreaking queen she is!

In that moment, Wheein was immediately reminded of what truly matters.

Weight is not important. Being happy is the best.

— Wheein

BFFs really do give each other the best advice!