MAMAMOO Criticized For Leashing Male Dancers In Queendom Performance

Women empowerment or disrespect towards men?

MAMAMOO blew up the stage in their latest “Queendom” performance where they covered AOA’s song “Good Luck.”

While it got rave reviews from viewers all over the world, some netizens pointed out that certain parts of the performance were misandrist.

This was, namely, the rap part of Moonbyul where she was seen holding a leash attached to the collars of two dancers.

Netizens pointed out that Moonbyul’s move would have created a bigger controversy if a male idol did the same to female dancers.

Agree, if a male idol had girls leashed up acting like dogs on the ground like that, the stage would’ve made it in the news alreadyㅋㅋ  what century are we living in that they’re still doing dance like that?

– Korean Netizen

They said that there was a double standard in the entertainment business.

They considered women controlling men as girl crush but men controlling women misogyny… The double standard

– Korean Netizen

Others, however, said showed support and understanding towards MAMAMOO

It’s just a stage, just a dance.

– Korean Netizen

Do you think the criticism is fair? Watch their full performance below:


Source: Pann