MAMAMOO Had as Much Fun as Girls on a School Trip at Their Recent Fan Signing

The stills are absolutely hilarious.

MAMAMOO recently had their third fan signing since the release of their new song, “gogobebe” where each member showed up looking stylish as usual.

What really stood out at this fan signing was how playful MAMAMOO was, which made all their fans die of laughter.

In one of their fan service performances, Solar, Wheein, and Hwasa stood off to the side and all jumped in the air as soon as Moonbyul shot a blast of imaginary wind toward them.

That’s not all. Moonbyul then proceeded to the center of the stage and slammed down onto the floor to which the rest of the members jumped as if they were flying off from the impact.

On top of that, Hwasa even pretended to be so affected by the impact that she tumbled over the table, which made their fans laugh even harder.

The photos definitely portray the level of their hilarity quite well, but there’s nothing like a video to make it feel like you were there. Check out the footage of their fan signing below:

Source: Insight