Here’s How Dedicated MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Really Is To Being An Artist

This is queen behavior.

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa will sacrifice everything for her music career — including her body, as shown on an episode of “I Live Alone.”

After injuring her back during choreography practice, Hwasa was left at home with little time left to prepare for her comeback. With so much of her time and effort invested in her new album, she planned to do whatever it took to create the best possible performance.

Today is the day my album, which I invested six months of my life into, gets released.

— Hwasa

In poor condition from her back injury, she was barely able to walk, let alone dance. However, she then came up with a clever way to continue to practice without causing herself too much damage.

With the comeback being dangerously close, Hwasa had to get in practice anyway she could. She went back to the couch and played her new single “Maria” from her phone speakers.

Mimicking the dance moves from the comfort of her spot on the couch, she particularly focused on image training to show strong facial expressions.

Hwasa had to find a way to go from being unable to walk to dancing passionately on stage in 2-3 days. She decided to make sacrifices during stage preparations.

I really wanted to sing live but I couldn’t.

— Hwasa

Hwasa was able to push through enough to do the choreography, despite breathing being painful enough. Because of this, there was no way she could confidently project her voice without chance of injury.

Hwasa revealed during the actual performance a few days later, she was still in immense pain but pushed through it. The cast commented on how her facial expression shows no signs of pain like a true professional.

She was even asked if she could have worn big clothes with a hot pack underneath, but Hwasa wouldn’t have felt satisfied by changing the image of performance.

Sacrificing her body for an amazing stage, Hwasa poured herself into every moment of performing!

Check out her injured comeback preparations below.