Here’s What MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Looks like with Very Light Makeup

The contrast is shocking, in a good way.

MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa is well-known for her heavier makeup looks, so it’s not surprising that photos of her wearing light makeup have become a hot topic of conversation in online communities in recent days.

As an idol and a singer, Hwasa flaunts dramatic makeup that highlights her charisma when she performs on stage.

She’s often seen wearing heavy eyeliner and eye shadow as well as fake eyelashes that add more impact to her look.

Hwasa definitely has a sexy and powerful look when she has full makeup on, but she gives off a completely different charm when she puts on lighter makeup.

With a lighter look, she looks more innocent as if she’s a typical university student.

It’s hard to deny that she looks very different, but it’s almost impossible to fall in love with her sweet and adorable look.

By pulling off both looks so well, she’s proving to everyone that versatility is one of her many strengths in addition to her amazing singing and stage presence.

Check out a few more photos of Hwasa wearing light makeup below:

Source: Dispatch


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