Here Is What MAMAMOO Hwasa and Wheein’s Friendship Is Really Like

Besties loving and supporting each other.

With Hwasa‘s new album, Guilty Pleasure, now out, it’s been really heartwarming to see the members of MAMAMOO come out to support their youngest member.

Wheein and Hwasa | @whee_inthemood/Instagram

While they may not be able to join her physically for promotions, all three of the members, Solar, Moonbyul, and Wheein, promoted Hwasa’s song on Instagram—with Solar and Moonbyul uploading it it to their stories and Wheein and posting it on her profile.

But it was Wheein’s post that was particularly touching, as it reflects how Hwasa posted Wheein’s own promotional image to her Instagram when Wheein released her solo album in April 2021. The two are known to have a very close friendship, as they even grew up together and have been friends since they were in school! They even revealed that they have matching tattoos with a very emotional meaning for them.

Hwasa Wheein Debut Story | tvN D ENT/Youtube

Wheein and Hwasa’s friendship goes way back and it is easy to see how much they mean to each other in their interactions, to the point where Hwasa was almost moved to tears when they recalled how, on one occasion, Wheein had been so happy for Hwasa’s new relationship that she had cried.

It’s always heartening to see such positive relationships between idols, especially when they are so genuine. MAMAMOO all seem to be very close with and supportive of each other, and we are here for it. Hopefully we continue to see more of these amazing friendships as they continue to move forward in their careers! Meanwhile, you can check out Hwasa and Wheein discussing their old friendship right here.