Moonbyul Explains The Meaning Of MAMAMOO’s “AYA” — And It’s Not What You Expect

She participated in writing the lyrics herself.

MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul explained the meaning of the lyrics behind their newest release from their 10th Mini Album “Travel,” named “AYA.”


Moonbyul revealed this time she participated in writing lyrics.

In particular, she discusses a certain lyric: “I’ll get rid of the rotten teeth.” She states that even if the tooth is rotten, it feels incredibly painful to pull out.

This is metaphorical for removing the lingering feelings after a breakup. Even if the lingering memories are no longer benefitting you, it can still feel painful to remove from your life.

Nevertheless, it is a song about wanting to get rid of lingering feelings about parting even by pulling out rotten ones.

— Moonbyul

Moonbyul states that even if you don’t know the feelings of a breakup, you can still sympathize with the lyrics of the song.

I can’t tell you to feel the breakup in person, but if you listen to it while imagining it, you will be able to sympathize with it and understand it.

— Moonbyul

The song definitely feels a lot fiercer than your typical breakup song!

Watch her full explanation as well as the behind-the-scenes filming of the music video below.


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