Moonbyul Had To Choose MAMAMOO Or Money And Her Response Is Making Everyone Crack Up

Only Moonbyul would answer like that!

Fans are used to MAMAMOO speaking their mind but when they heard Moonbyul’s answer to one question they couldn’t stop laughing.


MAMAMOO recently appeared on KBS‘s Entertainment Weekly and had a whole lot of fun performing, revealing which celebs are their ideal types, and talking about which member they go to for relationship advice.


There was one particular topic that caught a lot of attention and caused a whole lot of laughter from fans. As the show was wrapping up, the host decided to ask one more question from MAMAMOO, if they could only choose between MAMAMOO and $10 million dollars what would they pick.

Lastly, I have a difficult question for you, $10 million or MAMAMOO? If you choose $10 million you can only be a solo artist.

— Host


With the choices between those two, most people would choose their friends and group mates, right? Well… Wheein, Solar, and Hwasa certainly did, Moonbyul not so much!

$10 million!

— Moonbyul


But Moonbyul had a pretty good reason for choosing the money over her members.

I’ll buy MAMAMOO with the money.

— Moonbyul


Even if they weren’t going to give her an easy time about it!!

We can’t accept that. We’ll turn down the offer. We’re worth way more than that!

— Wheein and Hwasa


Fans have been cracking up over Moonbyul’s surprise answer and can’t help be reminded of the famous ice cream incident.


Even though Moonbyul would have taken the money, at least she still would have found a way to be with the rest of MAMAMOO.