MAMAMOO’s Solar Reveals She Never Practiced For Any Of Her Auditions To Become An Idol — And Her Reasoning Actually Makes Sense

Queen of never giving up.

MAMAMOO’s Solar was the definition of “stubborn” when it came to her path to becoming an idol. From pursuing it at such a late age to failing over 50 auditions before finally being accepted, her story is unlike any other.


Solar originally shared she was actually studying to become a flight attendant in college. However, everything changed one day when she was singing for fun in Hongdae.

A music industry insider told her to give being an idol a try. At the time, she said it wasn’t for her, but his words stayed with her.

She began to have confidence that this was what she was supposed to pursue.

What the guy said was stuck in my head. I was like ‘Am I good at it?’

— Solar

This is when she started her rounds of auditioning at tons of agencies.

Despite not getting a call back from over 50 agencies, she still didn’t practice. She just assumed the agencies who denied her were not the agency she was meant for and eventually the right one would accept her.

I was too arrogant, I didn’t even practice. I just had confidence that I’ll make it anyway.

— Solar

In the end, Solar’s stubborn mindset is what enabled her to survive over 50 auditions and eventually be accepted into Rainbow Bridge Entertainment as part of MAMAMOO!

Listen to Solar’s full story on how she chose to become an idol below!