MAMAMOO’s Solar Ignored By Not One, But Two BTS Members…Her Reaction Is Priceless

Solar tried to greet BTS…but failed spectacularly.

At the 2019 Golden Disc Awards, fans captured a hilarious moment between MAMAMOO‘s Solar and BTS.


BTS debuted in 2013, which makes them MAMAMOO’s industry seniors by one year. During the show, Solar tried to show her respect for the members, via greeting, but it didn’t quite work out.


When walked by, Solar ‘glitched’ and missed her chance to greet him. V didn’t notice, which might be a good thing!


Solar tried to make up for her first failed attempt by paying closer attention so that she could properly greet the next member, Jimin. Despite her best efforts though, Jimin walked by and was completely oblivious to her!


Solar’s members couldn’t help laughing at her epic fail…


…and neither could the internet!


For more, check out the clip here.

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