MAMAMOO’s Solar Reveals Her Daily Skincare Routine And Offers Advice To Fight Acne

Check out her tips!

In a vlog on her personal YouTube channel, solarsido, MAMAMOO‘s Solar shared her skincare routine and the steps she takes to deal with acne!

She has five products that she uses daily and goes through them during the video.

The first thing she uses is a clear gel to combat acne scarring.

As the name suggests, this is a medicine that has quickly treats acne scars. I apply it like this [onto acne scar areas]. It’s not sticky and feels refreshing, and it applies nicely. Because I pop [acne] myself, I think I get even more scarring. Rather than applying this on top of the scab, applying this on the scar after the scab falls off will work better.


The next step in her routine is a toner!

Actually when it comes to toners, I don’t think there’s anything that makes me go, ‘Wow! Amazing!’ Toners are all a bit similar.


She then showed off her eye cream, a new addition to her routine

I normally didn’t really apply eye cream either but I heard somewhere that it’s important. And I heard that you shouldn’t apply it too close to your eyes either. There are too many rules to follow.


The third step to her routine is eye cream.

This is an eye cream that brightens your face a bit. It has a dropper. You drop it onto your face. I think it’s good for those who get acne. I think it’s pretty good. I’ve always just used products that are specifically for acne.


The final step is hydrating cream!

I don’t just get acne, my skin is also sensitive in general. If something goes wrong a little, I’ll have a break out. This suits my skin well.


She’s very careful with the products she uses, as she suffers from acne and has sensitive skin. So for others who may have the same skin issues she does, she has some product recommendations!

The timing is really important when it comes to acne scars. There are some where I missed the timing. Really, as someone who knows about acne, I think quick treatment is important. So, this fast, effective acne scar medicine, Scarderm Clear Gel, I plan on consistently using it from now on.


You can watch her show off her daily skincare routine in the vlog below!

Source: YouTube