Here Is How MAMAMOO’s Wheein Became Close Friends With GOT7’s Jay B

Two icons, one wholesome friendship.

MAMAMOO‘s Wheein has recently released her latest solo album, WHEE, and has been busy promoting it through music show performances and interviews. Recently, she sat down for an interview with Teen Vogue and to discuss her new album, her departure from MAMAMOO’s label RBW—and her close friendship with GOT7‘s Jay B.

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Wheein has already seen some well-deserved success with WHEE in the form of her first win as a soloist on music show M Countdown.

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This is touching considering what the album means to her. When asked what message she was trying to communicate to her fans with WHEE, she revealed that she wanted her fans to celebrate this album as a new start for her.

I wanted to ask my fans to support me through my new start under the new agency and to kind of celebrate my new start. I also want them to join my path as an artist growing and moving forward. I hope the fans could really understand my future direction as an artist. I hope they could understand me a little bit better through this album.

— Wheein

After all, the decision to leave her group’s label was a pretty big one. But by the looks of it, Wheein is already feeling comfortable in her new label, THE L1VE, which was founded by VIXX‘s Ravi. Not only does she have a good friendship with Ravi, but she has also had the opportunity to make the kind of music that she’s always liked, which tends to be a lot of R&B. In fact, she has even struck up a close friendship with Jay B, whose music also falls within the R&B genre, and with whom she collaborated last year.

When Wheein was asked about this friendship, she explained that the two of them got close after their collaboration on Jay B’s song “AM PM,” which allowed them to spend time together and build a bond for the first time—an experience that she considers special to her.

That collaboration was actually the first one I’ve done under the new agency, so that was very special. And with Jay B, I knew him, we would just run into each other sometimes so he was definitely a colleague, but I never got a chance to build a friendship [with him]. But by working on “AM PM” together, I really got to know him and we became really close. So that was a very special collaboration to me as well.

— Wheein

Fans have gotten to watch this friendship grow since then, even pointing out cute moments when they support each other on social media.

And fans weren’t the only ones who loved her collaboration with Jay B! GOT7’s BamBam has also stated that, after listening to “AM PM,” he thought he’d also like to collaborate with Wheein himself.

Not only that, but he’s also been open about the fact that he wants to befriend her…

…and fans can’t get over the hilarious difference in the way he and Jay B approached a friendship with Wheein in the first place.

Luckily, Wheein is interested in collaborating with BamBam too!

In fact, she’s already been very supportive of GOT7’s solo projects, and given her close friendship with Jay B and her new friendship with BamBam, it would be exciting to see what kind of amazing projects they could produce together in the future.

It’s great to see these iconic third generation K-Pop idols building bonds and working together to release music that they’re passionate about. With any luck, we’ll be seeing more of Wheein and GOT7 together soon, and more of her cute friendship with Jay B!


Source: Teen Vogue