MAMAMOO’s Wheein Opens Up About Pre-Debut Struggles

Who wouldn’t want to be close with Wheein?!

In a recent interview with YouTube channel kizzle, MAMAMOO‘s Wheein sat down with two children and went over her career and her ups and downs as she’s worked to achieve success.

In order to depict the timeline of her life, Wheein drew a line that goes up and down based on her emotions at each stage of her life.

MAMAMOO’s Wheein (left) | @kizzle/YouTube 

Wheein describes her first difficult period as being during elementary school.

MAMAMOO Wheein’s timeline up to age eight | @kizzle/YouTube

The idol chooses not to elaborate more but simply says that there was a lot of bad news related to her family.

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Still, she found performing as a means of achieving something for herself, and her mood gradually improved.

MAMAMOO Wheein’s timeline up to age eleven | @kizzle/YouTube

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But then, in high school, when her grandmother passed away, Wheein’s mood dropped again.

MAMAMOO Wheein’s timeline up to age seventeen | @kizzle/YouTube

Wheein explained that her grandmother took care of her “like a mom,” which is why the loss was extra impactful.

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But once again, her mood increased as she became a trainee and started to get closer to achieving her dream of being an idol.

The young boy in the interview then asked if there were any difficulties, which of course, Wheein had experienced.

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She talked about how she “was poor so [she] couldn’t eat what [she] wanted to eat and couldn’t buy what [she] wanted to buy.”

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But, as she assured the young girl, she no longer has to worry about financial difficulties.

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And the little girl had the best possible answer to that, saying that she wants to become close to Wheein.

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Of course, as much as Wheein may have struggled on her path to becoming an artist, she is most certainly fulfilling her goal of “want[ing] to make others happy” with her incredible music.

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You can watch the rest of the interview, including the rest of Wheein’s timeline from MAMAMOO’s debut to her recent solo album WHEE, here.