MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Has A Jaw-Dropping Talent That You Won’t Expect

Not everyone can do this.

During a previous appearance on tvN‘s Life Bar, the hosts briefly discussed dieting and body types. MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa, ever the relatable queen, with her rebelliousfun and funny personality, shared an interesting fact about herself.

Hwasa shared that in a day, she eats roughly five meals plus dessert!

Source: tvN D CLASSIC/YouTube

As they discussed her habit of eating five meals, it came up that, for some people, even just thinking about food makes them slightly less full and ready to eat their next meal!

Source: tvN D CLASSIC/YouTube

Relatable as ever, Hwasa said, “I’ve always had trouble because I wanted to eat.” (Same, girl. Same.)

Hwasa’s talent for eating is certainly enviable, especially because she’s so healthy and strong looking! (Perhaps that’s part of her beauty secret?)

Source: tvN D CLASSIC/YouTube

While most people eat an average of three meals a day, it’s not uncommon for others to eat up to six small meals a day. Although it’s implied Hwasa is eating regular-sized meals five times a day, she works very hard and likely needs the nutritious fuel to get her through the day.

Watch the whole clip below: