MAMAMOO’s Solar Goes To A Shooting Range… And May Have Found A New Talent

Solar can be a sniper.

MAMAMOO‘s Solar isn’t afraid to try new challenges, even if it involves guns. She also isn’t shy to make a dramatic entrance.

Solar had no experience of going to a shooting range or any experiences of shooting a gun, so this was definitely new to her. That didn’t stop her competitive side from appearing and wanting to perform well.

While being competitive, she also showed signs of being a novel to the whole experience of shooting a gun.

Despite this being her first experience of shooting guns, she started showing signs that she was a natural at it.

Solar wasn’t just getting lucky shots, she was performing well overall and didn’t look like this was her first time being at a shooting range.

Solar’s competitive side was shown again after she found out her score and was complimented by the staff of the range on how she did.

Solar successfully completed her challenge and may have found a new hidden talent.