MAMAMOO’s Solar Revealed How She Lost 2 Kilograms In Just Three Days

She ate a lot of persimmon…

MAMAMOO‘s Solar, who is absolutely flawless in every way, decided to embark on a three-day fruit diet challenge for her YouTube Channel Solarsido. She does a before-and-after weigh-in, as well as laying out a meal plan for what she’ll eat over the next three days.

Beginning her diet with a weigh-in, Solar reveals that she weighs 46.5 kg (102.5 lbs).

First, as with any dieting regiment, it’s a good idea to lay out a plan, which is what Solar smartly does.

Her 3-day fruit diet is laid out as so:

Morning: 1/2 apple, 1 sweet potato, 1 glass of soy milk

Lunch (1): 1/2 bowl of brown rice, 1 bag of chicken breast, 1 cluster of Campbell grapes

Lunch (2): 1 bag of chicken breast, 1 persimmon

Dinner: 2 eggs, 1 persimmon

She includes a note for herself, encouraging herself to endure it for just three days.

Solar starts day one of her diet at 10:30 am, with the note she wrote herself the day before on her door as a helpful reminder.

She gathered the ingredients in advance and prepared the sweet potato in the air fryer, which is a healthy way to prepare your foods.

As outlined in her diet plan, her breakfast consisted of soy milk…

… An apple…

… And, of course, her air-fried sweet potato!

She diligently stuck to her first lunch on day one.

Although, her colleague called her out for eating quite a bit the day before. 🤭

Solar’s colleague was curious about the diet, asking for details, to which Solar clarified that it was a three-day fruit diet, with fruit being the most important aspect of it.

Upon hearing the details, her colleague laughed and said, “you eat that every day!” She then threatened to eat some of Solar’s grapes, which made Solar not only snatch the bag of grapes back but respond with, “Seriously, do you know what I hate the most? People who take your food when you’re dieting are the meanest, stop~

She shared that she normally eats one cluster of grapes a day, to which her colleague replied: “that’s why you gain weight.” Solar managed to hold back and not murder her colleague, which, as anyone who has ever dieted knows is a total and complete miracle.

Unfortunately, lunch one didn’t seem to fill her up, so she supplemented by drinking water. 😔

Solar had her day one, second lunch at around 7:00 pm. While most people enjoy their dinner around then, Solar explained that she chose to eat late as she tends to go to sleep later.

With that being said, Solar didn’t have a chance to eat dinner until around 1:00 am! That’s right, at 1 o’clock in the morning!

Unfortunately, because it’s so late at night, she ultimately ends up decided to skip her last meal of the day and continue her diet the following day. 😔

Around the same time as the first day, Solar enjoyed her breakfast of sweet potatoes, soy milk, and half an apple.

And, she was able to enjoy her first lunch as well, albeit a bit later than she expected.

Unfortunately, she was also late for her second lunch, but she did take the time to eat it!

Solar appears to really, really likes persimmons.

On day two, despite being late for the meal again, she was able to actually have dinner! (Yay!)

Her dinner consisted of two eggs (which she ate without the yolk) and, once again, persimmon, which appears to be the highlight of every meal she’s enjoyed so far.

Day three started a little later than the previous days of Solar’s diet.

We get to see Solar prep her meals for the day.

She woke up late, so everything was done in a big hurry. (Poor Solar.)

For the third and final day of her diet, Solar once again starts her day by eating her breakfast in the car. She laments that when you’re dieting, you really shouldn’t be waking up late and should be diligent with your eating times.

Likely because Solar had a late start to her day, she didn’t eat her first lunch until about 4:30 pm!

In Solar’s most relatable moment yet, she tries convincing herself that her healthy lunch of chicken breast, which she’s professed many times during this diet that she doesn’t normally eat, was pizza.

Solar ate her second lunch at 8:22 pm, with her colleagues joking that she’s become a “mukbang baby”.

Because she had her second lunch so late, she pondered whether she should skip dinner or not, with her colleague joking that she only wants to skip dinner so tomorrow will come faster.

Ever the excellent role model, Solar reminds viewers that weight isn’t everything and shouldn’t be what you define yourself by!

Weight isn’t everything, everyone. Dragon Kings, don’t misunderstand. Weight isn’t everything.



Finally, to her relief (and ours), the diet is over!

After weighing herself, Solar discovered that her weight went down to 44.9 kg (roughly 98lbs), meaning she lost about 2 kg (roughly 4 lbs)!

Despite being absolutely perfect the way she was, Solar was very delighted with herself for losing 2 kg in three days. She acknowledged it’s important to eat a balanced diet and take care of your body so it has the energy to function. While she didn’t eat a lot of food, she did receive some energy from the carbohydrates and sugar from the fruits and brown rice she ate during her diet.

What do you think of the three-day fruit diet? If you enjoyed reading this article, you might enjoy watching Solar’s video below, which will give you the full effect of her “mukbang” sessions as well as her joy at losing 2 kg.