Man Unexpectedly Becomes A BTS Fan While Committing A Felony

He really found love in the most unexpected circumstances.

As one of the biggest K-Pop artists in the world, BTS has amassed a huge global following over the past decade. The millions of fans spread all over the world each have their own stories of how they found the boy group for the very first time and fell in love.

BTS | Weverse

Most of the time, these stories of ARMYs’ first encounter with BTS are wholesome and sweet. But for a particular man named Jonny Viols, who’s going viral among ARMYs, his first introduction to BTS was through a federal crime.

Jonny Viola | @jonnyviola/Instagram

Viola is a rising online creator who often posts funny tidbits of his life on social media, attracting audiences with his relatable sense of humor. But recently, he posted a video sharing the story of how he has become obsessed with BTS, and particularly Suga, of late.

BTS’s Suga | Weverse

He started the video by apologizing to someone named Emma, explaining that her mail was mistakenly addressed to his house, and he had opened it despite the package not being his.

Viola then showed the contents of the package, which entirely consisted of multiple photocards and stickers of Suga. He was so mesmerized by Suga’s face that he looked him up and came across BTS.

For Viola, it was seemingly a love-at-first-sight case as he put two of the Suga stickers above his drawer so that he could “gently make sure that their (his) hair stays parted right down the middle.”

The creator then regrets opening Emma’s letter, not because mail theft is a felony, but because he could sense himself going down a rabbit hole for BTS. “It started a fire in me that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to put out,” he jokingly lamented.

In the US, mail theft or tampering with someone else’s mail is a crime punishable by imprisonment. So, seeing how Viola was more preoccupied with his newfound obsession with Suga rather than the prospect of his legal punishment was highly amusing for ARMYs.

Let’s just say the purple calling comes when it’s time, and neither the fear of the law or the land can stop it.