Maximus From “The King” Makes Cameo Appearance in TWICE’s “MORE & MORE”

What’s Maximus doing in TWICE’s MV??

If you’ve watched the hit drama, The King: Eternal Monarch on Netflix, you would definitely know one of the stars of the show, Maximus.


Maximus is a majestic-looking horse who quickly became the star of the show with his natural beauty and presence.


And despite it being known that Maximus is a very desired horse in the entertainment industry, fans probably didn’t expect his most recent appearance.

In TWICE‘s comeback MV, “MORE & MORE”.

During the video filled with beautiful colors, and of course, the gorgeous TWICE members, Maximus made a cameo appearance while looking even more majestic than ever.

As if he wasn’t blinding enough, he was surrounded by what looked like scenery from a fantasy, making it even harder to believe that he’s real.

Maximus might have risen to fame through The King: Eternal Monarch, but it’s clear he’s got options in the industry.

Check out his cameo appearance in TWICE’s new MV below:

Source: Insight