MBC’s Radio Producer Openly Attacks IZ*ONE In A Series Of Snarky Instagram Hashtags

“What is this, Produce 101 or something?”

On February 28, 2020, MBC‘s seasoned radio producer Yoo Chun shared a short post on his personal Instagram feed, revealing that his radio show ratings had been incorrectly calculated for the past six months.

He commented, “The show always felt so irrelevant amongst other high rating programs.” The new rating calculations revealed, however, that his show actually deserved the #2 most popular spot among the morning line up of programs.

I did have a dream once, when I wasn’t in the best condition. In the dream, I’m told: ‘We’ve re-graded your college entrance exam and the score came out differently. We’re cancelling your admission.’ But I’m already a sophomore. I pack my bag and walk out of the lecture hall. All my friends gossip, but no one can stop what is happening in the dream.

I’ve been notified that my radio show’s rating has been incorrectly calculated and reported for the past six months. It was my nightmare coming true. The show always felt so irrelevant amongst other high rating programs… but turned out it is #2 most popular among the morning programs. I realized how silly my past self-analysis and reflections have been. Since then, people sent me the most awkward encouragement too. ‘Looks like all you have to do is keep doing what you’ve been doing.’

But as we live in a world full of unprecedented surprises now, no one was too shook by what happened after all.

— Producer Yoo Chun

While the caption on its own seems unproblematic, the PD sparked heat by adding hashtags that clearly snarked at IZ*ONE — for promoting even though the series Produce 101 was confirmed to have been manipulated.


— Producer Yoo Chun

The hashtags immediately fueled an intense debate among netizens who agree with the producer’s sentiment regarding IZ*ONE’s return to the industry vs. those who support the group regardless.

The producer has since deleted the post and not yet responded to the discussion over his “controversial” post. In the meanwhile, IZ*ONE fans remain upset at the producer’s open attack on the members as they continue to claim, “The members did nothing wrong and are victims of the situation as well.”

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Source: THEQOO and Topstar News