MBLAQ’s Mir Opens up About Hair Loss and Hair Implant Surgery

Mir is not afraid to talk about his hair loss.

On a recent episode of KBS’s Sensible Adult Life, MBLAQ‘s Mir confessed that he suffered severe hair loss that led him to undergo a hair implant.

When Mir appeared on the show, the hosts complimented his hair, calling it “expensive-looking”.

It looks like you spent a lot of money on that hair of yours.

– Hosts

In response, Mir revealed that he suffered hair loss and that he underwent a hair transplant of 2800 follicular clusters.

I suffered hair loss, so these were transplanted. They planted 2800 follucular clusters at the front. I got them from the back of my head. There’s a smiley face on the back of my head now.

– Mir

Regardless of the work that went into it, Mir expressed his satisfaction with his new hairstyle.

I really wanted to try the all-back hairstyle. I’d say this was a success.

– Mir

Ahead of this reveal, Mir also spoke about hair loss on talks show such as Hello Counsellor as well as his own YouTube channel.

All that matters is that Mir is happy about the way he looks, and fans are appreciating his courage in talking about it out in the open.



Source: Dispatch